Fellowship to plant Fruit trees on each side of the Streams worldwide

Planting Fruit Tree Seeds worldwide

Planting fruit tree seeds along  each sides of the streams at  every 5- 10 feet apart


Earthdayplans as Creating Living Parks

is looking for 1100  million mild tempered people as grant writers, with any form of  Disabilities, are welcome to  serve the 2 billion people of all ages to help them fellowship with the wildlife, with the purpose, to enjoy the wildlife as they each work together  going into the schools to have the first grader on to plan for the future well paying self-employed jobs by having them plant 2000 fruit tree seeds along the streams 4 times a year Gen.1:26-29; to let Rom.1:20; be fulfilled, by  fellowshipping with the wildlife, and creating two events each day (The first as an event each day to fight with all their mite against ever negative thing without partiality, with this rule never fight against a person, but only the negative things wouldn't that be perfect, if the 7.4 billion people would create that event each and every day. The second event  is to have the 7.4 billion people to create every perfect thing each and every day without partiality, in order  to comfort, the earth and mankind , to turn the heart of fathers back toward sons, and heart of sons back toward fathers in order to work together to restore the streams , “by having regard” for the earth, for each other .

By planting fruit tree seeds Gen.1:29; along the streams worldwide. This could create over 8 billion well paying jobs Gen.47:23-24; this kind fellowshipping with the wildlife is to gain  Godly qualities, to have regard for each other and for the earth, To have regard for life and to create a better happier earth , that’s producing fruit, seeds, fish, wildlife, as produce, where each one earns 25% from their own produce. Gen.47:24; The Goal is In time is to Create 16 billion well paying jobs for 7.4 billion people . Fellowshipping with the wildlife with God’s purpose in mind, by living each day to fulfill the sacred pronouncements of God , by taking a few hours every three

Earthdayplans as Creating Living Parks

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Earthdayplans as Creating Living Parks

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Welcome!  Two  billion people  to recycle  seeds  and  plant fruit tree seeds along the streams  worldwide

Helpful Resources  order fruit tree seeds, or give fruit trees seeds

Get Paid For Sales earn 25% from the fruit and the seeds, from the fruit trees

Get Paid For Leads were fruit trees are growing to pick up seeds to plant along the streams worldwide

Commissions earn 25% from the produce

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Key have regard for the earth and each other

Social fellowship together for the same purpose to have regard for the earth

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Fellowshipping with the wildlife Rom.1:20; to answer this question What would it take to create a better happier earth, and to have regard for the sacred pronouncements of God ? Jer.10:23;



Fellowship to have regard for the streams and  all mankind and God. 1Thess.4:8;

Fellowship to comfort all the mourning ones.




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E. a. C. L. P. purpose  is to restore the streams worldwide by planting fruit tree seeds Gen.1:29; on each side along the streams worldwide. 

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Landowner fellowshipping with the wildlife by planting fruit trees along the streams

There is millions jobs that could be created in each town , by fellowshipping with the wildlife, Rom.1:20; and by planting fruit trees and other seeds  Gen.1:26-29; from 5 feet to10 feet apart along the streams worldwide, to prevent deaths from rising waters and to create wildlife habitats for the public welfare and enjoyment.

Earthdayplans helping others Ps.41:1,who would be downplaying this bible principle, only the glory seekers.http://www.creatinglivingparks.com/GLORY Earthdayplans To comfort all the mourning ones. Isa.61:2; Ps.41:1

from http://www.creatinglivingparks.com"
Earthdayplans helping others Ps.41:1,who would be downplaying this bible principle, only the glory seekers. http://www.creatinglivingparks.com/GLORY Earthdayplans helping others Ps.41:1

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