Create That Event to become  Who disregarded no one

Earthdayplans as Creating Living Parks

Out right gift, of having regard for life on the earth   

Researching into God’s invisible qualities  who disregarded no life , to create a better happier earth by faith in God’s purpose for the future earth, thoughts of peace, and not of calamity, to give YOU a future and a hope. Researching and planting seed of seed-bearing plants, to give the earth a future. And when the seed-bearing plants produce it’s fruitage, a hope to presser life and create well paying jobs for others, without price without cost out of pocket. A hope of Recycling the seeds, and using the fruit to make jam , as self-employed workers  earning 25 % from the produce and give 5% to help those “who disregarded no life” on the earth. Seeds are to be planting at each workers homes so they can provide the seeds and make jam to create more jobs and the seeds to plant along the water resting areas to create more jobs for others for a worldwide project to fulfill the holy Scriptures purpose for the earth. A hope of becoming a people out of all the nations “Who Disregarded no life on the earth” as we create billions of welling paying jobs without cost without price out of picket for no worker, create a better happier earth. A Hope of becoming a people like Jesus Who disregarded no life on the earth.



Earthdayplans as Creating Living Parks

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recycling fruit tree seeds to plant along the water resting areas 

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Researching to find God’s invisible qualities in seed-bearing plants.


What Plants Live in Rivers & Streams?

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