Create That Event to become  Who disregarded no one

Earthdayplans as Creating Living Parks

Seeds for willing one out of all the nations who disregarded no one

 1 billion Disabilities jobs

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Earthdayplans as Creating Living Parks

is looking for 1100  million mild tempered people “who disregarded no one” willing to be grant writers.


 Beside one billion people with any form of  Disabilities, and 2 billion people of all ages to fellowship with the wildlife, with the purpose, to enjoy the wildlife as they each work together to acquire one quality “Who disregarded no one” with a purpose to “Let those that practice Who disregarded no one, according to Jesus willing qualities, As a business adhering to Jesus spiritual guidance who disregarded no one, and compare how much refreshment would it be as they take the lead “who disregarded no one” in letting Jesus Kingdom Rule, they are proving themselves to be “like the shadow of a heavy crag,” bringing relief to the earth in its realm of “who disregarded no one”. And who disregarded no life on the earth, Let them have in subjection the fish of the sea and the flying creatures of the heavens and the domestic animals and all the earth and every creeping animal that is moving on the earth.” to create a better happier earth with this one quality “who disregarded no one”. Awaiting for God’s blessing, and to “Be fruitful and become many, people out of all the nations “ who disregarded no one” to fill the earth and subdue it, and have in subjection the fish of the sea and the flying creatures of the heavens and every living creature that is moving on the earth.”

 “Here the business could give to willing ones “who  disregarded no one” to plant every seed-bearing plant that is on the entire earth and every tree with seed-bearing fruit. Let them serve as food for all people out of all the nations.

Research classes from first grade on up who are willing to become a researcher into invisible qualities in living things “who disregarded bad qualities” and adhere to the good qualities, Willing people will compare under an microscope and keep comparing under an microscope how seed-bearing plants that free from waste that have 72 millions of hydrogen , then rowing those plants to clean up the water resting areas , compare to those plants, that do have the invisible qualities of 72 million of hydrogen free from waste , comparing and keep comparing how to create a better happier earth , by comparing plants “Who disregarded no one” even under waste by mankind,  how seed-bearing “who disregarded no one” fulfill their purpose that seed-bearing plants were created for that free from waste, then they could create 72 million of hydrogen of invisible qualities that free the waters from waste, in a clean area, willing ones out of all the nations “who disregarded no one” will have outside class room along the water resting areas to remove waste as comparing outside classrooms, comparing invisible qualities in the studies, in the waters, in the earth, along the water resting areas were waste is, comparing clean up the areas by planting those seed-bearing plants and comparing ,researching with the microscopes that  able to clearly see from the creation, because they are perceived by the things made, in living things, even eternal power of 72 million of hydrogen free from waste, so compare groups and laws that let some bad qualities within them, that cause them to show disregard for others, they are inexcusable, who disregarded life on the earth, and could have creating well paying jobs for billion of people just by caring for the earth, and others.

Caring for the water resting areas  and fellowshipping with the wildlife. And inviting people out of all the nations to create an event once every five years to remove one bad quality off the earth with all their mite against ever form of showing disregard for life , without partiality, with this rule never fight against a person, but only fight against the negative qualities and things wouldn't that be perfect, if the 8 billion people would create that event each and every day. The second event  is to have the 8 billion people to create every good quality  each and every day without partiality, in order  to comfort, the earth and mankind , to turn the heart of fathers back toward sons, and heart of sons back toward fathers in order to work together to restore the streams , “by having regard” for the earth, for each other .

By planting fruit tree seeds and all seed-bearing plants that able to produce 72 million of hydrogen ; along the streams worldwide. This could create over 8 billion well paying jobs each person planting 8,000 fruit trees each year for five years that would be 40,000 fruit tree seeds x 8billion people that would be 320 trillion fruit tree seeds that could have been planted in five years , one pear tree could feed five families times the 320 trillion fruit trees that could feed 1600 trillion families and the more 72 million of hydrogen free from waste it will create more produce with the 72 millions of hydrogen in the food that’s able to improve life free from waste when plants get 72 million of hydrogen their able to fulfill their purpose that God create them for. This kind of fellowshipping with the wildlife is to gain good qualities, that’s creates who disregarded no one, to have regard and care for each other, and for the earth, To have regard for life and to create a better happier earth , that’s producing fruit, seed-bearing plants, fish, wildlife, as produce, where each one earns 25% from their own produce. The Goal is In time is to Create 16 billion well paying jobs for 8 billion people . Fellowshipping with the wildlife with a purpose in mind, by living each day to fulfill the sacred pronouncements of God , by taking a few hours every year to plant 8000 fruit tree seeds .  Billions of people could recycle fruit trees seeds,  for  a  purpose to plant fruit trees seeds along the water resting areas, this could create well paying jobs and to prevent death from rising waters and to create wildlife habitats for the public welfare and enjoyment? Creating free food for the homeless , 25% for each one  from the seeds that they plant would create well paying jobs compare who many well paying jobs that could create from the fish feed from the fruit trees along the water resting areas and to enjoy fishing at your best fishing areas, and see the fish become bigger and stronger full of health and life free from waste. Creating a better happier earth as an outdoor classrooms from first grade on up pass 100 years old who disregarded no one , comparing and researching to remove every form of bad qualities out of the waters by comparing and keep comparing with a microscope  giving the waters 72 million of hydrogen, invisible qualities that produce more  life by having the seed-bearing plants that produce the 72 million of hydrogen free from waste, to create a better happier earth, healthier fish free form all waste. The fish feed from the left over from the fruit trees could create trillions of well paying jobs. And the wildlife feeding off the left over from the food trees all alone the water resting areas could create trillion of well paying jobs, free food for the public to enjoy from the left over from the fruit trees taking care of all the homeless people along the water resting areas . Therefore start let each person  plant your 40,000 fruit tree seeds before five years go by and become a family out of all the nations “who disregarded no one” were each person ended up feeding  200,000 families from the 40,000 fruit tree seed-bearing trees along the water resting areas and by the left over be feed and creating fish farming cage free wild and creating a better happier earth, waters full of 72 millions of hydrogen  that helps the plants to create more healthier produce, invisible qualities able to remove waste plants working with plants to produce invisible qualities create life  What makes us all , (people out of all the nations) family when we become people “who disregarded no one” this make us all from one family, Jesus family and letting his kingdom rule “who disregarded no one”.

Compare what group thou out history do you know, that has walked the walk that Jesus walk “who disregarded no one” see the point?

 Compare what group do you know who has not practice showing disregard to someone, see the point? 

Compare what group or what law that did not let some bad quality within and once the group started to love some bad quality it cause them  to show disregard to life on he earth, or to someone?

Compare each bad quality within  law and groups and you know, why they end up who disregarded life on the rivers and compare once a group starts to love some bad quality it causes them  to end up who disregarded others?  Each bad quality , is the very cause of creating out of people “who disregarded life on the earth and others?  Therefore remove this one Bad quality off the earth “Who disregarded others” that is causing people to show disregard for our rivers and oceans and each other.