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Earthdayplans as Creating Living Parks

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The mission of “Earthdayplans as Creating Living Parks” is to use (seed bearing plants) for the earth , by adhering to the education from the good DNA instructions and working in union with the good DNA instructions that built within seed-bearing plants, this DNA instructions is a pattern of “who practice disregarded no one” this DNA instructions is the prevention for all life on the earth, This good DNA instructions that practice disregarded no life on the earth,  This education from the DNA instructions  from seed-bearing plants could educate people out of all the nations, to create a better, happier earth. This education is the highest education by comparing how many billions of jobs could be created by adhering to this good DNA Instructions that  is a pattern and a practice  of who disregarded  no life.  Compare the DNA instructions purpose in comparison to groups thou out history this education within DNA instructions found only in the seed-bearing plants and other things like 72 million of hydrogen in water, able to restore the earth , Therefore by becoming a people “who disregarded no one,  in comparison the DNA instructions from the seed-bearing plant we can come to understand the GOD how made the heavens and the earth by comparing his designer how 72 million of hydrogen free from  waste has a built in DNA instructions that could restore the water resting areas , compare how this hydrogen in water is working in union with the seed-bearing plants. By comparing the DNA instructions built within the seed-bearing plants,. Therefore by planting seed-bearing fruit tree seeds, and other seed-bearing plants that have DNA instructions and the invisible qualities of 72 millions of hydrogen, free from waste, that the first grade and on up will compare and clearly compare under an microscope  the DNA instructions from the world’s seed-bearing plants of creation, in comparison to other plants DNA instructions within them , how those seed-bearing plants are created by God to restore life and compare how they perceived in doing so, when plant cells break apart water molecules composed of hydrogen and oxygen, they utilize the hydrogen in making food, and expel oxygen as waste. Who made the seed-beating plants without witness by comparing with a microscope life, how seed-bearing plants “who disregarded no life “ in the waters and on the earth, and how some plants under the sea, we will compare how seed–bearing plants have a set pattern built within their DNA “who disregarded no life” this under covers a pattern for a better happier earth under God’s DNA instructions to live by, by comparing this good pattern with a microscope how to restore the earth, comparing the DNA instructions in the seed– bearing plants and all the things (DNA instructions) in them we our without witness by comparing under the microscope of the eternal DNA of invisible qualities that the seed-bearing plants have, able to create a better happier earth, setting the pattern of “who disregarded no life”, their built in DNA instructions from GOD likeness who disregarded no one, comparison how the rains from heaven and fruitful seasons, satisfying us with food and filling our hearts with gladness.” But compare how each manmade law and each group have let some bad qualities within them cause them to become a people who disregarded life on the earth, they are inexcusable “who disregarded life” Comparison to the seed-bearing plants “who disregarded no life”  

Keep Comparing under the microscope the seed-bearing plant to come to know GOD’s DNA instructions  and his purpose for creating those seed– bearing plants , then work in union with the same pattern to let GOD’s Kingdom rule over the earth, to create a better, happier earth, By working in union with each living thing ,who disregarded no life around them, their so much higher wisdom to learn from the seed– bearing plants DNA instructions from GOD that most seed-bearing plants have, that could educate us of God’s purpose for mankind, to come to know the God “who practice disregarded no one” Compare how that pattern could restore families out of all the nations, to become one family, by becoming a happy people “who practice disregarded no one”.


 This educational business will give out seeds, Here is seed for you, (“who disregarded no one”) and you must sow the land with it. When it produces, give a fifth to “Create That Event”, but four parts will be yours as seed for the field and as food for you and for those in your houses and for your children to eat.” So to become Jesus family business is to become “who disregarded no one” so to preserved our lives. Let us find favor in the eyes of  Jesus “who disregarded no one”, and we will become those “who disregarded no one ” Then Create That Event will made it a decree, which is valid until today over the land of people out of all the nations, who disregarded no life” that a fifth belongs to those that disregarded no one. It was only the land of those that practice who disregarded no one.  What group or law who will walk the walk “who practice disregarded no one like Jesus” ?

What law, or group that was created by mankind thou out history who disregarded no life along rivers and oceans ?

What group or law that did not let some bad quality within , and then practice that bad quality, to end up who disregarded others and life on the earth?

What law or group will be the first to become a people who practice disregarded no one and no life on the earth?

What law or group will be the first to let businesses to restore the earth, by creating billions of well paying jobs, for willing people out of all the nations who disregarded no life on the earth? What group or law will let each person have the right to be healthy and safe, and to have the right to enjoy to see life to it full and to be free to become a people who disregarded no one, and to have right to have fruit from the trees for the wildlife to enjoy on clean safe water resting areas worldwide.  

What group or laws will be a family “who disregarded no one” becoming a family under Jesus kingdom rule (E. a. C. L. P.) Education to teach who disregarded no life on the earth, Education Projects shall be to improve the quality of life for the Public welfare worldwide, to use prevention by education to reduce the level of bad qualities that’s the cause within groups to become a people who practice disregarded others and life on the earth, through prevention with seed—bearing plants, and through education to teach children, parents, and teachers, to become a people who disregarded no one and how to have regard for the water resting areas working in union with seed-bearing plants.



Since 2010, E.a.C.L.P. has offered free info to parents, teachers, and children worldwide to compare who disregarded no one, and have walked the walk of willing qualities “who disregarded no one “makes us family, compare the water resting areas by planting fruit tree seeds along the streams worldwide, compare groups who is empowering people to do good , indeed every thing that’s not out of faith is sin; the right to keep the streams safe ,strong and full of life, for the public welfare and rights  to see the healthy wildlife that is free to enjoy the fruit and life along the streams. E.a.C.L.P. information around issues of streams safety for the public and wildlife. Through the efforts of  E.a.C.L.P. online education our goal is to have trained facilitators in all 21 counties, once the fruit trees produces fruit  and give to trained facilitators “Who disregarded no one” for the 7 billion people and three million children to have regard for our home the earth, by each one learning to remove bad qualities that empowers each person “who disregarded no one” and have  the right to  have  healthy streams, and safe waters, strong healthy  fish,  full of life and strong healthy wildlife  along the water resting areas that the public can be free  from waste in the waters, and free from waste in our air,  pollution free by planting seed-bearing plants that produces 72 million of hydrogen free from waste .

E.a.C.L.P. Training education outdoor classes , when once the seed-bearing plants produces it’s produce,  first grade on up to over 100 years of old age will  build living rock  from the 72 million of hydrogen built within the seed-bearing plants cut 1/2 size to  mix 1-4 parts with 2 3/4 part  of sand and  1 part of Portland cement mix as the mix  in bags . Then at the  project  groups will  take the mix and mix it with water that has the  72 million of hydrogen in the water free from waste to create living rock , this mix will be put into a  large forms with pressure air going thou the forms until the cement is dry, creating living rock full of holes like a sponge  for life under the sea, made from the seed-bearing  plants full of invisible qualities that has the 72 million of hydrogen within the living rock , this will be compared with a microscope  under the waters and  research and compare what seed—bearing plants will work  with the life under the sea , the first grade on up  to over 100 years of age  from people out of all the nations who become a family research team “who disregarded no one”

If you want to become a family out of all the nations, then become a person who walk the walk  that Jesus walked “Who disregarded no life on the earth” and you are our worldwide family.

recycling fruit tree seeds to plant along the water resting areas 

Research and compare 72 million of hydrogen free from waste in water to produce more produce , free from waste, this has invisible qualities to restore the earth  and life on the earth along the water resting areas.